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2016 - On New Italian Photography is a visual narrative of a show, featuring the works of Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Martina Corà, Bea De Giacomo, Teresa Giannico, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Allegra Martin, Vittoria Mentasti, Domingo Milella, Francesco Nazardo, Alessandro Sambini, Lele Saveri and The Cool Couple. It offers a first reconnaissance, carried out by Viasaterna and curated by Fantom, on the Italian photography scene, of which it captures the great vitality through the work of thirteen young artists, chosen on the basis of their originality and the heterogeneity of their research paths, representative of the key elements of trend to be found throughout the nation.

 On New Italian Photography

cm 28 x 23,5 


35 €

The fourteenth author is made by a series of publications from recently founded publishing houses, largely independent, based both in Italy and abroad, including Akina Books, Cesura Publish, Dalpine, Dashwood Books, Discipula Editions, Edition Patrick Frey, Humboldt Books, LDS Editions, Nastynasty©, Nomadic Editions, Osservatorio Fotografico, Planar Books, Rorhof, Skinnerboox, Witty Kiwi, Federico Carpani, Giorgio Di Noto and Alessandro Ligato. A fundamental contribution to the spread of works by Italian artists abroad, as well as to their aggregation and the renewal of the entire system.

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