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An exclusive Kings limited edition of 30 CD’S. The artistic duo realized a mash up series of iconic music for the exhibition Dancing 30, currently on view at Viasaterna. The fifteen tracks embrace different styles across time, mixing electro, house and probing musical effects. 


12,5 x 12,5 cm

Material / Type

30 €

Kings is the artistic duo of Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato who started working together at the beginning of 2000. The couple’s ranges from the most diverse expressions and techniques, privileging photography and neon, but crossing over into sculpture, installation, a musical sphere,  merchandising up to the publication of artist's books and self-produced magazines. Among the group exhibitions there are particularly those at Isola Art Center (Milan, 2007;; 2008;; 2009;; 2014), in important institutions such as at Palazzo Ducale (Genoa, 2006), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebauengo (Turin, 2007), Centro Luigi Pecci (Prato, 2009), Triennale (Milan, 2012), and the traveling exhibition, Do Ut Do in 2016 at the museums Mast and Mambo in Bologna, Mart in Rovereto, Madre in Naples, Reggia di Caserta and Guggenheim in Venice. Solo exhibitions,  such as collaborations with Artra Gallery (Milan, 2005) curated by Scotini, Plastic (Milan, 2005;; 2013), Dimore Studio (Milan, 2009), Marsèlleria (Milan, 2014;; 2016;; 2017) and Molin Corvo Gallery (Paris, 2015), that museums and public institutions, such as Kunsthalle Locarno, (Locarno, 2006), Museo Pecci (Milan, 2010), Assab One (Milan, 2010) or with urban installations, such as the latest project in Palermo (2018) curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi, for Manifesta12.

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