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Be Evanescent | Camilla Gurgone | Volvo Studio Milano

The events dedicated to contemporary art are back at Volvo Studio Milano, thanks to the collaboration of Viasaterna. This time with a young and promising artist; Camilla Gurgone (Lucca; 1997).

Occupying the physical and temporal space between installation and performance, Camilla Gurgone's works render an ironic and subtle exploration of our collective imagination. Her investigation is playful, universal yet intimate, amusing and engaging, and triggers reflections on everyday life also through the human exchange of interaction.

The exhibition project conceived for the offices of Volvo Studio Milano includes works belonging to the series Process to shape the imaginary (Sogno) from 2023 and Tachilalia (2018-2023); the former stems from the need to fix and re-elaborate the dreams of the artist and of third parties who entrust her with their own. The dream memories are described to an artificial intelligence system that proposes a synthesis of them in images, their concrete transposition, from which Gurgone then selects those to be printed on thermal paper for the final work. The memory of dreams is secured to a support that temporarily crystallises it while accepting its tendency to fade and disappear, giving it importance even in its transience. Thermal paper is in fact a metaphor for the evanescence of memories, which with the passage of time fade until they dissolve.

Vernissage Tuesday 9th February at 7pm
at Volvo Studio Milano
(Viale della liberazione corner Via Melchiorre Gioia)

The exhibition has been postponed until 20th April

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