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Casino Palermo #6
Ramak Fazel

Born in Abadan (Iran) in 1965, Ramak Fazel lives and works in Claremont (California). Formed as a photographer, Ramak Fazel is a poliedric artist as it transpires from Milan Unit, an extraordinary archive made of prints, negatives, original documents and personal ephemera collected by the artist between 1994 and 2009, and now on show at Viasaterna.
For Casino Palermo, Ramak Fazel presented Wave Ramp, a multi-voice work realised with the precious collaboration of Palermitan writer Giorgio Vasta. Ramak transformed the guest room in the apartment in Via Alloro 129 into a container of elements that evoque the conversations and experiences related to the photographs he’s been taking in Palermo since 2017.

Watch the video of the residency

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