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Teresa Giannico | Truths which no longer entertain, become lies                          MICROBA Bari
Spazio MICROBA (Bari) is pleased to inaugurate Teresa Giannico's solo exhibition entitled Truths which no longer entertain, become lies. The exhibition, curated by Roberto Lacarbonara, will open on Thursday 21st December 2023 and will remain on view until 21st January 2024.

On occasion of Teresa Giannico's (Bari, 1985, lives and works in Milan) first solo exhibition in Bari, the artist has developed a site-specific project strongly connected with the architecture and function of the exhibition venue, conceived as an extension of the Pavone Sorrentino architects' studio. The title of the exhibition is taken from the text distributed on 30 October 1952 by Guy Debord and other young French artists on the occasion of the first screening of Limelight, the masterpiece written, directed and starring Charlie Chaplin. The latter argued - 'All we can see now is a dismal, mercenary old man', or 'Truths which no longer entertain, become lies'.

For this project, Teresa Giannico returns to the production of meticulously assembled dioramas, three-dimensional cardboard models onto which the artist applies a collage of prints referring to common furnishings and objects. To this end, he draws on an immense database of graphic and photographic files accumulated over years, removed from their advertising function (images taken from glossy design and architecture websites and magazines) and become the object of ready-made appropriation.

Inauguration | Thursday, 21st December 2023, 6.30pm
On view from 21st December 2023 until 20th January 2024
Tuesday to Saturday, 5 to 8pm

Via Giambattista Bonazzi 46
Bari 70123

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