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Alessandro Calabrese | Se Tutto Bruciasse | Clearwater International                                                                                
Viasaterna is pleased to announce the project Se tutto bruciasse by Alessandro Calabrese (Trento, 1983) curated by Francesca Interlenghi, marking Clearwater International's first foray into the art context.

Set up by initiative of the Milanese branch of Clearwater International, and opened to the public also during the Milanese Art Week in the offices of Via Agnello 8, starts from the company's value heritage to translate it into a new visual code.

The exhibition brings together a selection of works from the series 'Hierarchy of Genres' (2021 - on-going): stills from films in which people embrace each other. A revisitation of genre painting in a contemporary key, which Calabrese created starting from the six categories that make up the Pictorial Genres. The work is part of the artist's research into the technological unconscious and the role of chance within the creative production process.

The exhibition also includes two site-specific interventions, created in collaboration with Clearwater International team, which reflect on the value system of the workplace and the importance of an ecology of images to counteract its proliferation.

Se Tutto Bruciasse
Solo Show by Alessandro Calabrese
In collaboration with Clearwater International
Via Agnello 8, Milano

10th April - 31st May 2024
Monday - Friday, 4 - 7pm

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April, 11am - 8pm

    Via Leopardi 32, 20123 Milano    +39 02 36725378    Facebook    Instagram