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I used to look at your photographs: looking at the photographs of the women in her family in Puglia, portrayed in different special moments in front of the same landscape, Teresa Giannico transforms her memories into art. Neither the faces of the four women nor the landscape are real. They are imagined by the artist who draws inspiration only partially from the wheat fields of Puglia: the entire work is the result of a digital collage of many, many photographic fragments.

October 1971, Venice. Fabio Mauri (1926 - 2009) presents for the first time a performance destined to go down in history as one of his major works: Ebrea. Realised for a solo show of the artist curated by Furio Colombo and Renato Barilli at Galleria Barozzi (Venice), Ebrea is a radical performance, in which the element of evil is investigated in its continuity and, for the first time, in its legacy.
 Argille Azzurre Doppia intervistaBarbara De Ponti / Paolo Antonio Zambianchi Su Confinis progetto a cura di Marco Tagliafierro E’ proprio vero che la Geologia è la più romantica delle scienze?Le scienza della Terra possono contemplare dissolvenze con contesti umanistici?Se siamo i nostri incontri, le nostre relazioni si possono rivelare germinative?Queste alcune delle questioni che questo confronto sul confinepone allo scopo di individuare nuove possibilitàper la gestione di un archivio interdisciplinare. ︎︎︎
Argille Azzurre
Double Interview 
Barbara De Ponti / Paolo Antonio Zambianchi

About Confinis project curated by Marco Tagliafierro

Is it really true that Geology is the most romantic of sciences?Can earth sciences contemplate fusion with humanistic contexts? If we are our encounters, can our relationships prove germinative? These are some of the questions that this discussion on the border poses in order to identify new possibilities for the management of an interdisciplinary archive.

On occasion of Vogue Photo Festival, Viasaterna is pleased to present Videodiary by Takashi Homma.

Videodiary is a collection of twenty-eight videos recorded daily and edited over weeks, in which the artist recounts the quarantine period last April in his city, Tokyo. The images return to tell us about the city of Tokyo, this time deserted, with the blossoming cherry trees reflected in the water of the Shakujii canal, the monumental skyscrapers tidy and silent, the moon high in the sky every evening; together with the artist's private space with the care of the house, the music that resonates in the rooms, morning yoga, loved ones and their interviews, the garden and its plants. As the frames and days pass, the city awakens, shyly swarming with some noise, illuminated by neon signs, the first planes high in the sky, and the happy voices of children in the park begin to be heard. ︎︎︎

Sottotraccia by Guido Guidi. A master of photography tells his story.

A special thanks to Art Around.

'No metaphor, only expectation'. It is a sentence written in his own hand by Guido Guidi. For those who have access to it, it can be read in his studio in Cesena, almost hidden, behind the door of a cupboard. It seems a distracted detail, recorded by the observational spirit of the curators of his exhibition at the Milanese Viasaterna gallery, Paola Nicolin and Marco De Michelis. But in reality it holds and partly weans us from the poetics of the master of Italian photography. A gaze, his, with a conceptual vocation, aimed at the landscape, architecture and the city, but not only, as recounted in his recent 'Lunario, 1968-1999' (Mack Editions, Londra, 2020). No metaphor, then. No narrative, we add. 

Focus On Alessandro Calabrese
Focus On - Alessandro Calabrese

How did artists' lives change during quarantine? How did their habits, their feelings, their work change? The suspended air, the dilated spaces, the silences, the dull flow of time. The wait pervaded by a surreal, indefinite glow that scans the lives of the quarantine. We asked a series of artists to tell us about the passage of time from their homes, transformed into temporary ateliers. The life of an artist at the time of the pandemic.

Focus On – Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko by Elena Bordignon

We open the diary of Elena Bordignon, who will  tells us about the exhibition "Eel Soup", by Federico Clavarino and Tami Izko, held at Viasaterna until 14 February
2020. The article "Federico Clavarino and Tami Izko: a dialogue for signs and relations" by Elena Bordignon was published in ATP DIARY on 27 January 2020. #PCMdiaries proposes a reinterpretation of the exhibitions we have dealt with as press office, in order to verify their topicality, actively involving the persons who daily enrich our days with their presence and their work.

Focus On Guido Guidi

Focus On - Guido Guidi by Marta Daho

Con-sideratio, in Latin, consists in discovering how the stars assemble to form a sign in the night sky. How, depending on the seasons, they are configured and how their influence, on fixed dates and in a given place, is exerted on men, animals, plants, the flow of the river, the level of the lake, the great tides. In Latin, the stars are called sidera. The sidera bring the seasons, they amaze, as they deter-minate their appearance and disappearance. They signal the rise and fall of beings. Their absence (de-sideratio) is lamented according to the time of the month or the time of year.

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