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All these fleeting imperfections
The group show All These Fleeting Perfections curated by Domenico Quaranta and staged in collaboration with Artissima, with the active participation of a number of artists, including Teresa Giannico, will be on view from October 27th until November 5th 2023 in the renewed spaces of the Biblioteca Geisser in Turin for EXPOSED. Torino Foto Festival, the new International Festival of Photography that will take place in Turin from 2 May to 5 June 2024 under the Artistic Direction of Menno Liauw and Salvatore Vitale.

The event presentation is scheduled on Friday 3 November, from 10 am to 1 pm, although the exhibition will be accessible before the days leading up to the opening event. Anticipating a number of issues that the festival will explore in its first edition next May, the exhibition will host photographs, videos, installations and paintings exploring the ‘post-photographic’ dimension, i.e. that complex persistence in imagery of the representation of a way of relating to reality of which photography has long been the clearest expression. The ‘fleeting perfections’ evoked by the title represents everything that has momentarily contributed to defining the very essence of photography, coming to terms with the ‘nostalgia of photography’ not in terms of a painful return to a now obsolete medium, but rather as the complex and contradictory survival of a specific function.

Opening event |  
Friday November 3th 2023 from 10AM until 1PM

at Biblioteca Geisser
Corso Casale, 5, 10131 Turin

Opening hours |
Everyday from 3 to 10PM
Friday 3rd from 10AM to 8PM
Sunday 5th from 3 to 8PM

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