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Are People Flowers?
Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Tami Izko, and Caterina Gabelli

Viasaterna presents Are People Flowers? by Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Tami Izko and Caterina Gabelli in collaboration with Irene Cuzzaniti of Studio Irene. An outdoor proposal, in the space of the courtyard and the studio of the gallery, on May 8 and 9, from 11 am to 7 pm.  The exhibition, open to the public, will be free admission and willl be regulated according to the social distancing rules.

American poet E.E. Cummings described spring as the time in which faces called flowers float out of the ground. The project Are People Flowers? was born from a common and shared feeling, naturally, from an exchange of flowers as a simple gesture of friendship that follows the season and its colors and puts in dialogue a selection of photographs and decorated ceramics.

To complete the exhibition thought of these days, Studio Irene has worked on floral compositions of different sizes inspired by the tones and shapes of ceramics.

We are waiting for you. In case of rain the event will be postponed to new dates.

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