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Barbara De Ponti | Clay Time Code at Volvo Studio Milano

Clay Time Code
by Barbara De Ponti

The Clay Time Code project, dedicated to the study of the geological archive, was created to stimulate a reflection on what we can say about time and how much tiny, ancient and extinct organisms can say about ourselves. Through a time journey, based on geological and micropalaeontological studies which allowed her to widen the traditional time scale measurement, De Ponti has identified a number of fossilised microorganisms and has made them the protagonists of a series of ceramic sculptures which depict them in an enlarged scale, using the same material from which they were originally formed.

Giving evidence and value to the micro, a number of coloured sticker drawings designed for the walls of Volvo Studio Milano, accompany the sculpture, creating a site-specific installation for an everyday experience.

Tuesday 30th May 2023, 7PM
Project Presentation, Barbara De Ponti in conversation with the curator Giulia Bortoluzzi 

At Volvo Studio Milano (Viale della liberazione angolo Via Melchiorre Gioia)

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