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Col Tempo
Guido Guidi

Col tempo - nei dintorni di Carlo Scarpa collects over 100 photographs of one of the most important Italian photographers, Guido Guidi (Cesena, 1941). The artist, whose importance is
internationally recognized, it is part of that group of photographers who laid the foundation of an Italian "way" of looking at and photographing the landscape since the 1970s. 

A pupil of Scarpa at the time of university studies at the IUAV in Venice, Guidi plays one of the most important masterpieces of the Venetian architect in a monumental work capable of
to investigate every nuance in depth, while maintaining the autonomy of one's research. Designed by Scarpa in the late 1960s, the Brion Tomb is therefore for Guidi the object
privileged of an investigation that breaks down and reconstructs the mental path followed by the architect during the design. A reflection on time and on becoming duratio for about a decade, starting in 1996, the year in which he began to photograph the mausoleum with an 8x10 Deardoff commissioned by the Canadian Center for Architecture of Montreal. 

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