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Archives of Empathy
Teresa Giannico

Viasaterna is delighted to announce the opening of Archives of Empathy: the second solo exhibition by Teresa Giannico (Bari, 1985) hosted in the gallery spaces. The exhibition project consists of 21 works that celebrate the theme of renewed emotions and moods in aesthetic experience through the perceptual exploration of new imagery.As in the previous exhibition, Kaleidos (2019), Giannico draws on two different sets of works: her individual portraits and landscapes, mostly in small format, come from You will return, you will return (2022), while group portraits – or at least ones with a setting – belong to a set conceived in early 2023, presented to the public here for the first time.The act of renewal in Archives of Empathy emerges first of all from a narrative point of view. Indeed, the gazes of the young women and men portrayed in the new images seem to transcend the isolated condition in which those depicted on the intense monochrome backgrounds of her earlier production are to be found. Such aseptic environments disappear here, giving way to more detailed settings enriched by a palette of brighter tones, where the subjects engage in a new relationship with space and time. In these works, the subjects indeed rediscover a more empathetic approach towards community through caring gestures, hugs, references to motherhood and softer poses. They are joined by other landscapes and still lives with floral and domestic themes that, besides granting a sense of chromatic and rhythmic balance to the entire exhibition, continue to evoke a generative sensory dimension.

A special thanks to Hahnemüle.

From 13th April to 23rd June 2023
From Monday to Friday, Midday – 7 PM

Extraordinary opening during Milano Art Week
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April
(from 12 AM to 7 PM)

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