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Dancing 30

Viasaterna is happy to present the exhibition Dancing30 by Kings, an artistic duo formed by Daniele Innamorato and Federica Perazzoli, with a selection of works including neon, collage, sound installation, writing and wallpaper. The exhibition introduces the mysterious story of Club30, an abandoned and timeless dance club, located at the missing number of via Leopardi, between twenty-eight and thirty-two. A sign reveals its presence and invites you to enter, following the echo of its music. In that unnumbered building, "renovation work had just begun when one day a discovery was made. In a cavity between the stairs and the load-bearing wall, wrapped in red ribbon, a package of letters was carefully hidden. Handwritten letters on papyrus paper told the story of the Club30". A surreal place, populated by mythological masks, animal apparitions, beautiful women and elegant gentlemen of high society with the flavor of Buzzati or, again, from the imaginary of Kubrik in Eyes Wide Shut. Characters whose faces can be glimpsed in the collage works of small and large dimensions, superimposed, meticulously cut out of other books, documents, edition prints, figurines, all combined together, as in The Dolls House of Max Ernst, where they are found within the crowded rooms and windows of an entire building that recall Dante's circles or the Babel Tower, in a multiplicity of complex narratives.

From 19th of April until 24th of September 2021
From Monday to Friday 12am - 19pm

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