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Droste effect, Debris and other problems
Lorenzo Vitturi

After the international success gained by the work Dalston Anatomy, VIASATERNA presents the first solo show in Italy by Lorenzo Vitturi (Venice, 1980). The exhibition, curated by Fantom, brings together a series of original works designed especially for the gallery spaces.

Droste Effect, Debris and Other Problems is a project first begun in 2013, drawing on a host of fragments and debris retrieved from the dump of Dalston: the area of London where the artist lives, subjected to a growing process of gentrification and real estate development, with new luxury buildings and chain stores, inside an area characterised by a strong multicultural presence.

The objects found are just the starting point from which Vitturi’s work develops: once photographed, their images are printed and combined with other elements. The compositions themselves then become the subject of new photographs, staged within actual sets, the colours of which reference those of the real sculptures.


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