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Due Mondi
Kensuke Karasawa and Francesca Rivetti

For the first time in Italy, the exhibition features a selection of recent works by the Japanese artist Kensuke Karasawa (Aichi, Japan, 1987) and Francesca Rivetti (Milan, 1972), who here will present her latest project, I Want To Talk To Seymour Too1 . Due Mondi is a show revolving around two fundamental themes. Nature, first of all, which despite not constituting the specific subject of any of the works on display, remains a source of inspiration throughout.

Karasawa’s sculptures thus act as subtle devices for the bending of conventional rules. They trigger short circuits. They evoke minimal shifts, at times imperceptible. Silent yet substantial revolutions. That which may be seen does not correspond exactly to the image deposited in the memory of the onlooker. The principles of the Gestalt are taken up and circulated. Works of which the outline may be reminiscent of a mountain, for example, are laid out so as to be observed top-down, turning the conventional perspective on its head. The sea is the protagonist of the work of Francesca Rivetti, I Want To Talk To Seymour Too, made up of three series of photographic images. In Ocean, several fragments of plastic bags, found by the artist herself in the depths of various seas around the world, from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, and even the Caribbean are used in the studio to simulate the surface of water. The result is an organic/non-organic hybrid, being infused with life (creating the ‘sex appeal of the inorganic’3 ), while also being transformed from waste material into sublime scenario.

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