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Fabio Mauri 
Exhibition catalogue

This publication is the result of Fabio Mauri’s exhibition Opere dall’Apocalisse (‘Works from the Apocalypse’) staged by Galleria Viasaterna and curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, in collaboration with Studio Fabio Mauri and Hauser & Wirth. The exhibition explores the paper works, drawings and paintings by the great artist, a key protagonist of the post-war Italian avant-garde.

This is a largely unpublished series of works, little known and even less exhibited in comparison with his most well-known installations and performances on the international art scene; indeed, only a handful of works on paper were displayed in the major exhibition at Palazzo Reale and later that at the Museo Novecento in Florence.

The fifty-one works selected are housed in the Studio Mauri archives in Rome where, together with Francesca, I had the privilege of viewing a multitude of drawings, sketches, photographs, paintings and notes for installations and performances, produced over a long period of time, spanning Mauri’s entire career, and which are items belonging to a more intimate and reflective approach deployed by the artist.

Irene Crocco

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