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Viasaterna is pleased to present Videodiary by Takashi Homma at Vogue Photo Festival within the section
web section 'Focus', a space for in-depth information on artists, their projects and their works. Videodiary is a collection of twenty-eight videos recorded every day and edited over weeks, in which the artis recounts the quarantine period last April in his city, Tokyo.

Videodiary follows the particular interest in the city of Homma on which the projects of Tokyo Suburbia (1998) in
which also offered a portrait of the vibrancy of the city and those who inhabit it, and the international project The
Narcissistic City (2016) realised in a number of cities around the world, includin Tokyo, New York, and Milan on the occasion of the first solo exhibition in Viasaterna, with photographs that show an abstract, suspended portrait of contemplation and investigation of the urban landscape.

The images return to tell us about the city of Tokyo, this time deserted, with the blossoming of the cherry trees reflected in the water of the Shakujii canal, the monumental skyscrapers tidy and silent, the moon high in the sky every evening; together with the artist's private space with the care of the house, the music echoing in the rooms, morning yoga, loved ones and their interviews, the garden and its plants. With the passing of the frames and days, the city awakens, shyly swarming with some noise, illuminated by neon signs, the first planes high in the sky, and the happy voices of children in the park begin to be heard.

Have a look at the videos︎︎︎

                                                                       Video diary by Takashi Homma | Day 1 ~ Day 7 | Notes of quarantine |
                                                                       Little pills from Tokyo and the lockdown from urban desert landscapes, Hanio the cat and mom telling us
                                                                       what to do in the house, including cooking, cleaning and sewing.

                                                                       Video diary by Takashi Homma | Day 8 ~ Day 14 | Notes of quarantine |
                                                                       Another weekly episode from Tokyo lockdown with Daigo the little boy who wants to stay home playing
                                                                       videogames, raining melancholy and parks with kids’happy voices.

                                                                    Video diary by Takashi Homma | Day 15 ~ Day 21 | Notes of quarantine |
                                                                    The new episode is about the capacity of being in the company of ourselves we have been working on in these
                                                                    weeks at home. The spirit rejuvenated along with this process: we learned how to enjoy small things of our daily
                                                                    lives and maybe we learned how to observe the world outside with a different angle, just like with a headstand.

                                                                   Video diary by Takashi Homma | Day 22 ~ Day 28 | Notes of quarantine |
                                                                   A new episode is out now with the city of Tokyo ready to start again little by little with neon signs, and workers
                                                                   animating the city.


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