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Hemingway Prize 2020
Guido Guidi

The Hemingway prize for photography is awarded to Guido Guidi, an emerging photographer in the historical panorama of contemporary photography, for the volume "Guido Guidi in Sardinia: 1974, 2011" published by Mack Books in London. A work of intense photographic literature, in which the author's cultural ideology stands out, aimed at representing the sociological and anthropological identity of a territory, here Sardinia, overcoming the conventional spectacular and tourist iconography, recording images of suggestive metaphorical value and poetic, with an expressive medium, Photography, emblematic of modernity, as well as "mirror with memory."

The Israeli author David Grossman for Literature, the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in the Witness section of our time, the historian Alessandro Barbero for the Adventure of Thought and the artist Guido Guidi for Photography are the winners of the Hemingway 2020 Prize.

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