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Luca Massaro | Milano | Volvo Studio Milano                                                                          
Viasaterna is pleased to present in collaboration with Volvo Studio Milano the solo exhibition Milano by Luca Massaro.

Massaro's (Reggio Emilia, 1991) work focuses on the invisible space that separates photografies from words, an image from its caption. Through photografies, words, sculptures, artist's books and techniques derived from the urban and online advertising scene, his work is an open research on the paradoxes of language, a contemporary portrait of the hybridization of icontexts.

The installation created ad hoc for Volvo Studio is a reinterpretation of the 10-year archive "Dizionario Vol.1" (2012-2022, Art Paper Editions); the first in a series of encyclopedic collections of words photographed by the artist over the past 10 years.

The works in the exhibition are firms from mainstream image and campaign culture. The size of the larger canvases is 1:1 scale based on the artist's height, a correspondence that introduces a Modulor (scale of proportions based on human measurements) and an autobiographical characterization of the serial display. The works oscillate between the dualitity of image and word, analog and digital, photografic and pictorial, dialoguing through poetic associations, with the surrounding space.

Opening Tuesday 23rd April 2024
at Volvo Studio Milano

(Viale della liberazione angolo Via Melchiorre Gioia)
Until 15th June 2024

To visit the exhibition:

    Via Leopardi 32, 20123 Milano    +39 02 36725378    Facebook    Instagram