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MIA Photo Fair | Redacting Identities by Ramak Fazel                                                                            
For the 13th edition of MIA Photo Fair, Viasaterna is pleased to present a monographic booth by photographer and multidisciplinary artist Ramak Fazel (Abadan, Iran, 1965) entitled Redacting Identities in the section Across the Mediterranean curated by Rischa Paterlini.

The focus of the exhibition project are a series of photographs taken by the artist in Iran (his native country that he would soon abandon) between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, during a period of strong tensions and at the same time profound social, cultural and economic changes. Returning to Iran as an American living in Italy, Fazel conducted this photographic research as an active spectator, documenting the life and cultural ferment of Iranian cities.

With an out-and-out intent to revisit his archive and his time in Iran, Fazel decided to re-photograph and manipulate the photographic material, presenting three different series of new works at MIA: Miniatures, Moderns and Chemicals

MIA Photo Fair
Booth E016

11th - 14th April 2024
Allianz MiCO 
Via Gattamelata 13, Milan

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