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Le Magasin
Marion Baruch

Video by Noah Stoltz
A retrospective exhibition “Mouvement perpétuel, essayer dire”

Mouvement perpétuel, essayer dire is the second step in a cycle of retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of Marion Baruch. The current health context, imposing constraints of different natures, led exhibition curator Noah Stolz, in relation to the Magasin, to rethink radically the project by focusing its approach around a few aspects of the artist's work that had no never been presented from this perspective.

The exhibition is built in two axes: The first concerns the course
artistic vision of Marion Baruch with regard to her biography; the second axis unfolds around the language of shapes, developed by the artist over the past few years, using scraps of fabric from
of the ready-to-wear production. The first room of the Store opens directly to the exhibition on the artist's journey. It is based on a collection of documents and objects chosen through writings and some remains, which attest his work on relational art. These unpublished testimonies tell, taken as a whole, the abundant journey of the artist, by highlighting the different phases of its creation as well as its theoretical foundations The title evokes for the artist the incessant production of Nature whos all that is produced by man is only a metonymy. "The production," says Marion Baruch, "Is something that we can neither stop nor control, but that we can describe, get to know by reflected in it ”. This perspective, which consists of connecting the natural with what is lacking in the natural, is a state of mind that the artist asks us to accept. She asks us to give up for a moment our cultural achievements and to lay a marveling eye on these rags suspended in the air. "Cloth is the first form of writing" and therefore already contains all forms. The phrase "Essayer dire ", borrowed by the artist from the philosopher Georges Didi Huberman, therefore speaks of a state of mind in the face of expression or to life, which means that to write is always to rewrite, to stop, to continue, to recognize, to see the difference, to identify oneself, to write and so on.
The exhibition will open on the 29th of October and it will be on view until the 10th of December. 
Due to recent lockdown restrictions the exhibition will open tonight but it will be closed from tomorrow, and new dates of extension will be announced. 

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