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Milan Unit

With Milan Unit, Viasaterna presents for the first time an in itinere project, hosting for the ensuing one-year period the entire archive that the artist Ramak Fazel (Abadan, Iran, 1965) constructed and assembled during the arc of time starting in 1994 when he first came to Milan, through 2009 when he returned to the United States. With one exhibition and deepening events scheduled through a twelve month period, Viasaterna intends to foster a physical, temporal and conversational space in which this extraordinary corpus of negatives, prints, original photographs and personal ephemera that Ramak Fazel collected with dedication and chose to preserve for over twenty years, will find its reanimation.

Milan Unit is an archive which intentionally eschews categorization as the sum of its contents, rather it's “also about more”. Presented in its original configuration, Milan Unit is a multiform assemblage of materials in which the artists professional experience conflates in the midst of a series of documents, objects and collections belonging to his private life. The result is a tale both unitary and personal, while at the same time extremely expanded, fragmentary and capable of admitting highly diverse approaches and tones.

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