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Milan Unit, the book. Join the fundraising for the publication

Together with Gaia Cambiaggi, Benedetta Pomini and Delfino Sisto Legnani we are finalizing the publication of Milan Unit, a monographic project that aims at collecting in a book the archive built by that the artist and photographer Ramak Fazel during the years he spent in Milan (between 1994 and 2009), archive which is now preserved here in Viasaterna.

Just as Ramak's work-archive (a collection of medium-format photographs but also a labyrinth of specimens, notes, drawings, micro-collections, letters and gifts), enriched by the contributions of those who, before, during or later, had the opportunity to meet, bond or collaborate with Ramak, this publication is intended to be the result of a collective contribution.

If you would like to join the fundraising for contributing to the book publication please CLICK HERE

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