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Picture Perfect
Hans Peter Feldmann, Joe Hamilton, Anna Kristensen, Mario Milizia, Taisuke Mohri, Macoto Murayama, Shuichi Nakano, Wieland Payer, Annalisa Pintucci, Wang Qiang and Lorenzo Vitturi.

In consideration of the viral development of photography, which today is involved not just in other areas of art but in all dimensions of society, "Picture Perfect" presents a selection of works by artists who have been inspired, influenced or triggered by the language of photography. None of them are photographers, but they all take something from the technique, grammar and aesthetics of photography, developing it in various directions. The exhibition is based on an examination of a single medium, but the result is a combination of many media, without separations or discrimination: painting, drawing, video, sculpture, and installation. Picture Perfect represents both the celebration of a technique, and the declaration of a failure: the history of photography is marked by its constant striving for independence, but the exponential growth of its use and applications has made this objective ever less feasible. After all, the development of photography is based on the principle of an intersection with different fields, a sort of contamination. Like that of a virus, one that "Picture Perfect" isolates, studies and returns into circulation.

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