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Pioggia Secca
Oli Bonzanigo

المطر الجافة / Pioggia secca presents for the first time the work of Olì Bonzanigo (Milan, 1989), invited to dialogue with the gallery space.

In the project room, two mysterious objects stand out against the darkness and reverberate in the light of two Wood lamps in blown glass – especially designed by the artist and created together with the Neonlauro company – which pick out and redraw their surfaces.  Closely bound to crafts processes, Olì Bonzanigo’s sculptural research does not aim so much at achieving a clear and explicit formal purity, capable as it is of accommodating for mistakes and the unforeseen: it is aimed instead at the study of matter, its behaviour and the transformations that it is subjected to over time and in space.

30th 16'N 5.40'W. This is where the longest and most important river in the country flows, crossing it for more than a thousand kilometers from the peaks of the High Atlas to the ocea Atlantic, and this is where Olì Bonzanigo begins to imagine the series of works belonging to Dry Rain. In the middle of the Valley, where the lush palm groves and the expanses of pastéques (watermelons), in Morocco's last green oasis, toda endangered by the reckless policies of exploitation of a territory increasingly at risk of desertification precisely because of the large amounts of water that watermelons have
need to be cultivated.

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