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Martina Corà

SIG NUM X VIASATERNA, an expansion of the SIG NUM project launched in 2017. Through the analysis of the traces and graphic signs collected within the book Poema a Fumetti by Dino Buzzati, the artist invites us to enter an imaginary place as a memory of a physical place.

SIG NUM X VIASATERNA is an environmental installation consisting of ten digital color prints depicting signs, clues found in all those plates of the book in which there is a drawn image of the Villa, in the mysterious Via Saterna from which the Gallery that houses the works is also named.

Martina Corà, inspired by Buzzati's volume, draws a personal mapping, investigating the Viasaterna Gallery not as a real and physical place but as a place of the mind, an imaginary and enigmatic space. The artist searches for the signs drawn on the pages of the book, identifies them by photographing them and processes them digitally - instead of relegating them exclusively to the photographic action and its result, while maintaining the original color - recreating vibrant compositions transferred to paper.

From 6th October until the 21st October 2022
From Monday to Friday (midday - 7pm)

The exhibition is extendend until the 26th October 2022.

    Via Leopardi 32, 20123 Milano    +39 02 36725378    Facebook    Instagram