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See Both Sides
Luca Massaro

Viasaterna presents Luca Massaro's project room See Both Sides with a selection of photographs, lightboxes, pictures from his last publication Vietnik, revisited with a new text-based intervention. The relationship between word and photography in Massaro's work will be deepened during the November 11th in a conversation with the critic and curator Federica Chiocchetti (founder of the photo-literary platform Photocaptionist). The second room of the exhibition presents a site-specific light installation that will be activated with a musical performance on the finissage night, November 16th.

In the Photobook preview by Aperture, Chiocchetti defines Vietnik as a visual bildungroman where, behing Massaro's semiotic pictures, there are hidden references of photography and music, from Bob Dylan to Luigi Ghirri, Robert Frank, Arthur Russell, and Frank Ocean. These very synesthesias enliven the artist's journey towards the creation of a new language, deconstructing it and flowing into contemporary references, from the fascination for commercial imaginary and photography coexistence, to sound and club culture, and, finally, the verbal text breaching the realm of images.

Within Luca Massaro’s new works, pictures and writings live side by side, suggestions and overlaps, statements and double negations. See Both Sides- development of the previous solo show Seeing Double and quote from Chanel by Frank Ocean- aims to deepen the leimotif of the split, deviated vision, to the joining link of image and word.

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