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THIRTEEN Views on the museums of Lombardy at Palazzo Relae, Milan

Exhibition curated by: Matteo Balduzzi, Emanuela Daffra, Gabriella Guerci, Giulia Valcamonica.

Thirteen state museums in Lombardy interpreted by thirteen young Italian artists: an extensive project that lasted over ten months with a public commission from the Direzione Regionale Musei Lombardia (Ministry of Culture) with the scientific collaboration of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MUFOCO). The initiative culminates in an exhibition promoted with the Municipality of Milan (Culture) and hosted at Palazzo Reale on the occasion of MuseoCity 2023.

The exhibition presents images (color and black-and-white photographs, synthesis images, and videos), audio works, sculptures, and other installation forms, all realized between January and July 2022.

Varied, sometimes surprising approaches that make up a single path: looking together at the heritage that constitutes our history and participating, today, in the construction of its multifaceted identity.

The artists in the exhibition: Delfino Sisto Legnani, Arianna Arcara, Fabio Barile, Marina Caneve, Alessandro Sambini, Claudio Beorchia, Flavia Rossi, Vaste Programme, Alessandro Calabrese, Caterina Morigi, Federico Clavarino, Rachele Maistrello, Roberto Boccaccino.

From March 3rd to April 2nd 2023
Free admission

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