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Your Silent Face
Luca Andreoni and Zhou Siwei

The exhibition Your silent face combines the new work of Luca Andreoni - one of the most active authors of Italian photography
-titled Inferno 1911, with a selection of works, which were also never exhibited in Italy, by Zhou Siwei, a Chinese artist known for his poetic research that combines technique and
experimentation on the plot of a complex philosophy.
Inferno 1911 is a photographic series entirely made by Andreoni in 2014, diving in the Grigne Mountains, a massif in Lombardy, where some scenes of Inferno, one of the first blockbusters made in Italy. Like Inferno, Andreoni's work absorbs the hostile environment of limestone rock and mist to lower the viewer into a suspended and enigmatic atmosphere; where photography, a privileged medium to penetrate the folds of reality, it turns into an instrument of concealment. And loss: of the surface of things, of orientation, of tranquility.

Simplicity is the starting point of the work of Siwei, which develops according to a cyclical process of repetition, evolution, progress, often overlapping different color levels one after the other, causing continuous change with the same gesture. Zhou's works thus provoke constant perceptual tremor, they change at every subsequent glance according to a logic of inexhaustable instability.

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