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Zona Monti 2022

Zona Monti was created with the intention of enhancing the cultural and artistic fabric of an area of Milan where important public and private realities coexist side by side with medieval, renaissance, twentieth century masterpieces of Lombard art and architecture. Giving the opportunity to rediscover the neighborhood through a synergistic dialogue between its private galleries, together with some foundations, studios and other points of interest that will be progressively invited to take part in the project and share its vision. 

Wednesday May 18th 2022
12pm - 10pm

On the occasion of the fourth edition of Zona Monti, Viasaterna presents the group show Overview with a selection of works by Federico Clavarino, Ramak Fazel, Teresa Giannico, Guido Guidi, Takashi Homma, Tami Izko, Luca Massaro and Lorenzo Vitturi. Overview offers a partial but suggestive overview of the work of these artists in a dialogue between sculpture and photography.

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