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Zona Monti 2023
Following the success of the previous editions, on 15th November 2023 from 3 to 9PM, Zona Monti invites you to a new afternoon of coordinated openings of galleries and cultural institutions in the Milanese neighbourhood around Via Vincenzo Monti, presenting solo and group exhibitions of contemporary artists.

The galleries and institutions taking part in the initiative are: Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti, Fondazione Officine Saffi, Galleria Tonelli, Pananti Atelier, Podbielski Contemporary, Viasaterna, Wizard Gallery and L'Appartamento.

For the occasion, Viasaterna will present a double solo show by Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato, on view until 22nd December at the Gallery. 

Wednesday 15th November 2023
3 to 9PM coordinated opening

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