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Joe Hamilton
Tasmania, 1982. Lives and works in Australia.

In his works, Joe Hamilton uses archive technology and materials to create intricate, complex compositions, online, offline and midway between these two worlds, His most recent woks explore the concept of the natural environment in contrast with a society that is becoming increasingly complex, connected and digitalized. Hamilton took a degree at the University of Tasmania and then completed a Master at RMIT, Melbourne. His works have been exhibited internationally, with group shows at the Center for Art and Media of Karlsruhe, Seoul Museum of Art, NANJI Gallery in Seoul, Japan Creative Center of Singapore, Operativa Arte Contemporanea in Rome, Bronx Art Space in New York, Agreements To Zinedine in Milan, Bursa Nazim Hikmet Culture Hourse in Bursa, Philine Cremer Galleri of Düsseldorf, Adiacenze in Bologna, Super Block, the Moving Museum in Istanbul, The Austrian Film Museum, Pablo’s Birthday in New York (Like New Landscape), the Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Switzerland, and Palazzo Peckham in Venice. Among the personal exhibitions, it is worth mentioning Remote Sensing (Madrid, 2017), The Deep Addressable Field and Indirect Flights (Melbourne, 2016 and 2014).



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