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Kensuke Karasawa
Aichi, Japan 1987. Lives and works in Tokyo.

The pupil of two of the most important exponents of the Mono-ha group of Japanese artists, (Kishio Suga and Tatsuo Kawaguchi), after graduating in Fine Art Sculpture at the Kanazawa College of Art, he began to put together his own practice characterised by the original use of very simple materials such as wood, wax and paper ribbons, assembled to create ever new possible sculptural visions. Among his main solo exhibitions, we might recall Kensuke Karasawa 2012-2015, Star Gallery (Pechino, 2015), Continuous Horizon, Take Ninagawa (Tokyo, 2012 – Kanazawa, 2014), Penetrate, Plaza Gallery (Tokyo, 2012). Tra le mostre collettive Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, The Three Konohana (Osaka, 2015), Nini No Fumoto - The Reflected Process, Nagoya Citizens Gallery Yada (Aichi, 2014) e Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi, Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery (Tokyo, 2013). Due Mondi is his first solo show in Italy.


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