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Macoto Murayama
Kanagawa, 1984. Lives and works in Japan.

In 2007 he graduated at the Information Design Department, Miyagi University, with a specialization in Spatial Design, and in 2009 he completed the courses at the Institute of Advanced Media Art and Sciences (IAMAS), department of Media Expression. Picture Perfect is Murayama's first exhibition in Italy. Among his personal exhibitions: Latent Views (BLOK art space di Istanbul, 2018), Solo Show (EMA London, 2017), Macoto Murayama: growth and form (D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum of Dundee, 2016) and KOSMOS (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum di Berlino, 2015). He took part also in collective exhibitions such as Insects: Models for Design (21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo, 2019), Interfacce del Presente (BASE Milano 2019), Schön vergänglich – Blumen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst (Kallmann-Museum Ismaning of Münich, 2017), On Botany (BLOK art space of Istanbul, 2017), Calculated Imagination (La Foret Museum in Tokyo, 2017), Meristematic (The Royal Society of London, 2016), Eco-Expanded City (WRO Biennale, WRO Art Center of Wraslaw, 2016) and Heaven and Hell. From magic carpets to drones (Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain of Brussels, 2015).


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