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Taisuke Mohri
Sapporo, 1983. Lives and works in Japan.

During his degree course in Industrial Arts at Tokyo Art University, Taisuke Mohri was able to work with a number of different artistic techniques and materials, and he personalized his own style using crayons and "a naturalistic vision of depiction". His works have been included in many solo shows, such as The Resurrections (Franctic Gallery, Tokyo), Archive (at the Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo) and Plug (at the LE DECO gallery, Tokyo). Taisuke Mohri won the Fujino Prize, and in 2012 he had his first solo show titled The Cracked Portraits at the Frantic Gallery in Tokyo. Picture Perfect is his first exhibition in Italy. He took part in collective exhibitions such as Personal Structures (European Cultural Center, Venice, 2017), The Collection (EMON PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, 2016), A City Without A Song (Averard Hotel, London, 2016), Dedications and Declarations (Cognacq-Jay Museum, Paris, 2015) and New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting (Yeo workshop Gillman Barracks, Singapore, 2014).



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