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Theo Drebbel
Naples, 1990. Lives and works in Italy.
Interested in the relation between the sacred and contemporary urban development, after a degree in Architecture and a first approach to photography, she started focusing on the aesthetic values of botanical collecting. From 2012 she begun investigating the themes of signs and memory, finding in the assembly and the scale model (diorama) her favorite language. Winner of the Carioca Kids Prize (Artissima, Torino 2017), in 2018 she held a workshop at GAM and Fondazione Merz (Torino). Among her last exhibitions Project Room #1 at Viasaterna (Milan, 2016), New Perspective at La Triennale (Milan, and the artist residency Casino Palermo (Viasaterna, Palermo, 2018)..



Casino Palermo #5 Video

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