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Oli Bonzanigo
Milan, 1989. Lives and works between Milan and Palermo.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, she studied sculpture together with Peter Kelley at the London Academy, and then drawing and painting at the Slade School of Art. In 2012 she returned to Milan where she began to work at the historical Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. There she experimented with a range of media and materials, at the same time carrying out research projects and starting a programme of artists’ residencies. After a series of journeys between Tunisia and Morocco, in 2017 she moved her studio to Palermo, where she began to study Arabic language and culture at the Istituto Bourguiba. Her artistic research explores a wide range of languages, including sculpture, drawings, installation and photography, focusing on the origins and movements of raw materials and how they have influenced reciprocal dynamics between civilisations. In 2014 she took part in the Marrakech Biennale with The 13th Hour and then again in 2016 with the project Marble-Sugar. Her solo shows include Pioggia Secca at Viasaterna (Milan, 2017), Marble-Sugar at Bank el-Maghreb (Marrakech, 2016), the experimental project Blackground at Spazio Aereo (Venice, 2015) and Viscera at Halle Der Vollständingen Warheit (Cologne, 2012). Among the group shows Talpe (Palermo, 2018) during Manifesta 12, Through (Aghmat, Morocco, 2018), Caput! Memento Mori at Crypt Gallery (London, 2017), For Them at Voice Gallery (Marrakech, 2015), Impromptu ii-hydra at Romanian Institute for the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice, 2014), Le Torri at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (Milan, 2013), Dungeness A Minor at Byam Shaw School of Art (London, 2010) and Seasons at Concourse Gallery (London 2008). Since 2017 she has been represented by Viasaterna.


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