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Takashi Homma
Tokyo, 1962. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Takashi Homma is among the best known and most loved Japanese photographers. After working in London as a commercial photographer for various major international magazines, in the 1990s he began to focus ever more on territorial analysis, which he carried out first in Japan and then around the world, as well as on an analysis of the photographic language that he himself uses. After staging a major retrospective show at the 21st-Century Museum of Kanazawa and at the Tokyo City Opera Art Gallery, in 2014 he began the project The Narcissistic City, issued in April 2016 by the British publisher Mack Books, focusing on an analysis of the most representative and iconic buildings in various cities. The exhibition in Viasaterna La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie is his first solo show in Italy, and features the premier of a new series of works dedicated to the city of Milan, produced in January 2017. In 2019 he published the work Symphony - mushrooms from the forest, with Case Publishing, Tokyo. In 2021, he held an exhibition at the CCA in Montreal entirely dedicated to the study of windows in Le Corbusier's architecture, accompanied by a publication published by Walther König with the title Looking Through Le Corbusier Windows. In October 2023 he opened a major solo exhibition at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum entitled Revolution 9.





Casino Palermo #2 Video

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