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Group show

Viasaterna is glad to present the group show Overview with a selection of works by Federico Clavarino, Ramak Fazel, Teresa Giannico, Guido Guidi, Takashi Homma, Tami Izko, Luca Massaro e Lorenzo Vitturi.

Overview offers a partial but evocative overview of these artists' work in a dialogue between sculpture and photography. Clavarino exhibits two photographs from the larger project Ghost Stories (2020), a personal account of historical events that took place in the Frioul archipelago, four small islands off the coast of Marseille. A natural counterpart in this dialogue is Izko's work presenting the Bezoar series, in which sculpture transmutes into amulet. A work by Fazel, from the larger Milan Unit project (1994-2009), becomes a real and tangible testimony to the transition from analog to digital of the photographic medium, on the cusp of an epochal change. Despite the absence of paints and brushes, Giannico's portraits are a pictorial work aimed at initiating an intimate research and meditative path toward the process of image making. A series of four unpublished black-and-white photographs by Guidi show us modular constructions, made by the artist himself in the 1960s and inspired by Dutch constructivism. Architecture is the dimension in which Homma's exhibited work also takes shape, whose photographs, made with the original camera obscura technique, restore more iconic structures in Milan, such as Vico Magistretti's Torre al Parco. For Massaro, the word is transmuted into a three-dimensional object and the image becomes a lemma, in a kind of all-encompassing, polyform dictionary. Vitturi's photographic series Caminantes (2017 - ongoing) is the result of several interventions built in the landscape, real ephemeral sculptures made with materials collected during his travels and related to his own family life.

From 18th May 2021 to 15th July 2022
From Monday to Friday (midday - 7pm)

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