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Guido Guidi.
Cesena, 1941. Lives and works in Cesena. 

From 1956 he was in Venice, initially studying Architecture at the IUAV university, and then Industrial Design, which included courses by Luigi Veronesi, Carlo Scarpa and Italo Zannier. It was in the lively climate of that period in Venice that he decided to dedicate his career to photography, concentrating on the marginal, anti-spectacular elements of the Italian landscape. From the late 1960s he worked on important personal quests, looking at landscape and its transformations, and experimenting with the language of photography by means of research projects linked to the transformation of the city and the environment. These include Archive of Space (1991 Province of Milan), work on public building projects by Ina-Casa (1999), and on the Italian Atlas (edited by the General Directorate of Contemporary Architecture and Art). Alongside his work as photographer, for many years he taught photography, promoting the profession. In 1989, together with Paolo Costantini and William Guerrieri, he launched Borderline for Contemporary Photography, in Rubiera. From 1989 he was Professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ravenna, and from 2001 he taught at IUAV in Venice. His exhibitions include shows in prestigious Italian and international institutions such as Fotomuseum Winthertur, the Venice Biennial Exhibition of Art and Architecture, the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, the New York Guggenheim Museum, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.



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